Your guide to planning your wedding in Slovenia in 2024

Slovenia might be small, but is an incredibly diverse country, known for the stunning landscapes, charming medieval towns, and outdoor activities.

It’s still relatively undiscovered by mainstream tourism, therefore it could be the perfect location for your dream wedding.

If you are considering to get married in Slovenia, you are in the right place. This guide is full of important information that we have gathered in our 10+ years of covering weddings and elopements in Slovenia.

We will cover the most important things you need for planning, a list of best locations, places to stay and much more.

Let’s go!

When to visit Slovenia?

Slovenia is beautiful in all seasons. You will enjoy exploring green landscapes in the spring, outdoor activities on lakes and rivers during the summer, or wine picking in the fall. Let’s go more in-depth:

wedding locations in slovenia


Spring and summer

Spring is a great time to visit Slovenia – the landscape awakens from winter and everything becomes green. It’s also the best time to visit popular places like Lake Bled or Piran, as they do get much more crowded in the summer.

Summer is great to visit the mountains and Triglav National Park, especially if you want to avoid the heat. The Karst and Goriška Brda region are also a great choice.

June, July and September are the most popular months, so if you’re planning to have a wedding within those months, make sure to reach out in advance, so we can book the right date for you.

* Photo: Lake Bled in the summer

Fall and Winter

Visiting Slovenia in autumn is amazing, especially if you enjoy warm (but not hot) weather and fall colours.

Popular places like Lake Bled and Ljubljana still can draw a lot of day-tourists, but you will be able to enjoy them more peacefully, especially if you visit during the week.

Winters have been getting warmer recently, so if you are dreaming of a white wedding, you’ll probably have to look at locations with a high altitude (Vogel ski resort in Triglav National Park is a great choice).

* Photo: Alpine village at the end of September

how to elope in slovenia


What is the best way to travel to and around Slovenia?

Slovenia has it’s own (but small) airport outside the capital Ljubljana (LJU). However most international couples fly to Venice (VCE) and drive to Slovenia (only 90 minutes).

Exploring Slovenia with a car is probably the best way to experience it: you can drive on scenic roads, enjoy beautiful views and visit local restaurants and shops with amazing food and products.

Slovenia is very specific when it comes to public transport and while there are good options in Ljubljana, you might find yourself spending a lot of time waiting to travel around Slovenia with buses or trains.

Depending on where your guests will be staying, you can organise a coach for the wedding day, while you hire a vintage car for yourselves.

Most beautiful locations for your wedding day

Whether it’s the majestic mountain view, the blue lake or the charming historic town, Slovenia has a variety of different locations that will inspire you.


Mountains, rivers and lakes

Your dreams of a mountain fairytale wedding will come true! Places like Vogel, Lake Bled, Logar Valley offer amazing views and are a perfect backdrop for saying “I do”.

Smaller wedding groups can be accommodated in more remote locations, such as Kekceva domacija or one of the boutique hotels at Lake Bohinj.

how to elope in slovenia
how to elope in slovenia

Vineyards and old towns

Visit the refion of Karst and Goriška Brda, both will leave you stunned with beautiful views over the rolling vineyards and with their charming old towns and villages.

This area is perfect for wine lovers and gourmet enthusiasts, as you will be able to enjoy the best culinary experience Slovenia has to offer.

Get married a castle

Some of Slovenia’s has many castles have been renovated and transformed into museums and boutique hotels, that also double as wedding venues. Grab the opportunity and experience how it’s like to live within the medieval stone walls.

Our favourite, Otočec Castle is one of a kind – sitting on the water, it’s remote location and beautiful river Krka offer a serene atmosphere, perfect to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

These other castles are now hotels: Lambergh, Golf Hotel Mokrice, Castle Gredič; and you can have a wedding ceremony and reception in these ones: Castle Bled, Ljubljana Castle, Castle Strmol.

More inspiration and locations


Legal vs. Symbolic ceremony

Slovenia recognizes both civil and catholic ceremonies as legally binding. You can have a legal ceremony, even if you are not Slovenian, however there is some paperwork to be done before (best to do it 5-6 months in advance). The ceremony will be held in Slovenian language and an official translator will also need to be present during the ceremony. Civil ceremonies can be done in court houses or some other locations, that have been pre-approved by the city hall.

Many couples decide to have a symbolic ceremony instead, which gives them the opportunity to create their wedding day without restrictions of all the legal stuff. Symbolic ceremonies can take place pretty much anywhere you want (as long as it’s a location that is available to public) and anytime you want. They can be tailored to your personalities and include funny anecdotes, inspiring stories or readings… or whatever other thing you think of.

We can help you plan and organise either, depending on what you’re looking for.

how to elope in slovenia


Choose local wedding vendors

If you’re wondering how to get married in Slovenia, we are here to share our knowledge and experience to create a magical day for you!

  • We work with the best wedding locations and vendors that Slovenia has to offer;
  • We can advise you where to go and when, which areas are less crowded;
  • As locals we do not need to fly in or travel, which means lower cost for you;

Your day. Your adventure.

Reach out and let’s plan your perfect day in Slovenia.