From vows to views: A magical wedding experience at Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a small Alpine lake surrounded by ancient mountains that echo with centuries of romantic moments on its shores. What else can you expect from a place in a country that already has LOVE in its name!

Lake Bled Wedding Photography

Welcome to the land of wonders

The intimacy of Lake Bled makes it one of the most beautiful elopement destinations in Europe with so many breathtaking views you’ll have trouble deciding which one to pick as your perfect background. 

As Slovenian elopement wedding photographers, we may be biased, but we love to do wedding photography at Lake Bled. The subtle, ever-changing play of light on the lake and the peaks around it gives your wedding photos a unique perspective you won’t share with any other couple.

The picture-perfect spots for your Lake Bled elopement photos

Despite its tiny size Lake Bled offers many stunning locations that will make your destination wedding photos both intimate and breathtaking. Here are a few of our favorite spots for elopement photography around Lake Bled that never disappoint.

The wishing bells of Bled Island

Bled Island is what happens when fairy tales come to life. 

Start your journey to Bled Island with a private ride on a traditional pletna boat. On the way there, you can take full advantage of the stunning backdrop of the emerald green lake and the surrounding peaks while a boatman rows you to the island, where you perform a couple of tasks that will ensure a lasting and happy marriage.

According to local legend, to bless your love with good fortune and a harmonious marriage, the groom must carry his bride up the 99 stone steps that welcome you to the island.

At the top of the steps, you will find the church of the Assumption of Mary where you ring the wishing bell together to seal your wishes for a prosperous and joy-filled future together.

Lake Bled Wedding

A touch of fairytale at Bled castle

The medieval Bled castle is a destination that will infuse your elopement photos with a touch of everlasting historical charm. Perched on a steep cliff overlooking Lake Bled, the castle has been guarding the lake for over 1000 years. 

A stroll through its ancient arched doorways and open wall walkways provides a romantic setting full of diverse photo opportunities with historical elegance, while the play of light and shadow on the texture of the stone walls can add new perspectives to your elopement photographs. 

However, not even the castle’s rich history can compare to the spectacular panoramic views from the open courtyard terrace. Overlooking Lake Bled and the surrounding Julian Alps, it is truly one of the most mesmerizing views Lake Bled has to offer.

More inspiration and locations

The piers and shores of Lake Bled

Take a stroll on the walking paths that go all around Lake Bled and capture a delightful mix of candid and posed moments for your destination wedding photos.

The green glacial waters of the lake and the surrounding Julian Alps provide a natural and serene setting, while the picturesque tiny island with its church of the Assumption adds a touch of magic to your photos, especially if you plan to visit the island as part of your wedding festivities.

Lake Bled Wedding

The undisturbed nature of Bled

The peaks and stone formations surrounding Lake Bled will make your elopement photos truly memorable by adding an element of undisturbed nature carved by millennia of glacial waters and tectonic movements. 

If you’re looking to add a touch of adventure to your destination wedding, the nearby viewpoint of Ojstrica is a short 20-minute hike from the lake. It provides a breathtaking view of the lake and its island nestled among the lush greenery of the surrounding countryside. 

And a short, 15-minute drive from the lake will take you to the serene and secluded Bled Vintgar Gorge. Take a stroll alongside the turquoise-green Radovna River on wooden walkways and bridges nestled into the surrounding steep natural stone walls. The untouched surroundings offer a wild natural contrast to the formal wedding attire, making your elopement photos visually striking and the whole visit one you will never forget.

Slovenian destination wedding photographers with first-hand experience of Lake Bled elopement photography

Let us be your guides on a journey to the most scenic and intimate spots Lake Bled has to offer and together we can transform your destination wedding into a true visual celebration of love and nature.