How to plan your dream wedding in the Triglav National Park, Slovenia

A wedding in Triglav National Park would undoubtedly be a breathtaking and memorable experience.

Triglav National Park is Slovenia’s only national park and is renowned for its stunning alpine landscapes, pristine rivers, and majestic mountains, including the iconic Triglav peak.

Here are the best locations and things to know, before you start planning your dream wedding in Triglav National Park:

The most beautiful spots in Triglav National Park

Slovenia is a small country and Triglav National Park represents just a small portion of it, but the park is full of diverse locations, from mountain-tops to lakes, that would make a perfect spot for exchanging your vows.


1. Lake Bled

This iconic alpine lake is perhaps one of the most popular wedding destinations in Slovenia. The charming Bled Island with its picturesque church and the medieval Bled Castle perched on a cliff overlooking the lake provide enchanting backdrops for a romantic ceremony.

Couples can opt for a traditional wedding ritual where the groom carries the bride up the 99 steps to the Church on Bled Island, followed by ringing the church bell for good luck. This unique tradition adds a special and memorable element to the wedding day.

2. Lake Bohinj

Another stunning alpine lake within Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj, offers a serene and idyllic setting for a wedding. Whether you choose to exchange vows by the lakeshore or amidst the lush greenery surrounding the lake, the natural beauty of this location is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Lake Bohinj is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and paragliding. Couples and their guests can extend their stay and enjoy adventurous activities before or after the wedding, adding excitement and fun to the celebration.

triglav national park wedding

3. Kranjska Gora & Vršič Pass

Kranjska Gora is a destination that offers something special in every season. In the winter, couples can exchange vows amidst snow-covered landscapes and enjoy winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding. In the warmer months, the alpine meadows come alive with colorful wildflowers, providing a stunning backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and photoshoots.

Enjoy a scenic bike or car ride all the way to the top of Vršič Pass and enjoy the stunning views to the other side of the mountains.

4. Uskovnica & Zajamniki

Uskovnica is a picturesque alpine meadow located near Lake Bohinj. It’s a popular starting point for various hiking trails offering stunning views of the surrounding Julian Alps. Hikers can enjoy relatively easy walks through the meadows or more challenging routes that lead to nearby peaks.

Zajamniki is another scenic hiking destination near Uskovnica, known for it’s traditional shepherds’ village. It’s a lesser-known area compared to some of the more popular tourist spots in the region, therefore it’s a perfect spot to exchange your vows in privacy while enjoying stunning views.

triglav national park wedding

A few other things to consider…


Consider the season and weather when planning your wedding in Triglav National Park. Summer months offer warm weather and longer daylight hours, making them popular for outdoor weddings.

However, spring and autumn can also be stunning, with colorful foliage or blooming wildflowers adding to the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Take advantage of the park’s natural beauty by incorporating outdoor activities into your wedding festivities. This could include hiking, kayaking or cycling a day or two before the wedding.

If you’re not that into outdoor activities, hire a local tour guide and visit other parts of Slovenia.

Legal Requirements

Make sure to start the legal process in advance (usually 4-6 months before). You should also know, that official ceremonies are usually limited to certain locations (city halls, some wedding venues and hotels), while a symbolic ceremony can be done at the top of the mountain.

We are dedicated to help you plan the whole ceremony and wedding day, no matter which option you go for.

More inspiration and locations

Take care of the environment

Be mindful of your environmental impact and aim to minimise waste and resource consumption during your wedding.

Consider using local wedding vendors, seasonal & local food, opt for eco-friendly decorations and seasonal flowers…

triglav national park wedding

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Let us be your guides on a journey to the most scenic and intimate spots Triglav National Park has to offer and together we can transform your destination wedding into a true visual celebration of love and nature.